Wild Delicous

Kraut - Fennel & Juniper Berry


Kraut, Fennel & Juniper Berry

Sweet red and green cabbages are wild fermented with fennel seeds and juniper berries for a crunchy. fresh and zingy tasting kraut. 

Wild Delicious Kraut is unpasteurised and contains prebiotics and live cultures. 

Hand crafted on the Matakana Coast. New Zealand.

Serve with: Fried rice, avo toast, grilled cheese toasties. Kimchi also makes an instant flavour bomb when added to warming broths, just add fresh veg and noodles or rice.                                                                 

Ingredients: Cabbage (97%) (red cabbage, green cabbage), pure sea salt, fennel seeds, juniper berries.

Shelf Life / Storage Information:

Wild Delicious Krauts and Kimchi are raw, living, wild fermented products and require refrigeration. 

They can last a long time in your fridge if unopened. Once open, consume within a month. 

They have an 8 month shelf life and can reach you with a best before date with 12 weeks to 7 months on it.


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